Postgraduate Program and Supervision


My mandate at North West is to develop a top postgraduate program in anthropology. I am working closely with colleagues and the CTL to do this, and of course our remarkable MA students. A weekly seminar series, regular workshops and a virtual community are all part of this process.


PhD Anthropology, Stanford University 2017


MSc Forced Migration, Oxford University 2010


BSocSci (Hons) University of Cape Town 2008

Undergraduate Teaching




I currently teach and support at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum. My goal is to bring a distinctly non-South African orientation into the department, and expose students to new perspectives.


Regions2050: South Atlantic and Indian Ocean


One of my primary research focus areas at present is an ethnographic study of undersea internet cables in the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean Region through WiSER's 'Regions2050: Mobile Spaces, Porous Borders, and Pathways of Regionalisation'.






In recognition of the carbon my academic training has cost the word, I work with the Great Labyrinth of Africa Initaitve in planting and maintaining spekboom trees.


Why Jahaj?

Jahaj is the Hindi word for boat. It is also what happens when my own initials are placed next to those of my life partner. Using the word in this way, I acknowledge that my work takes place within the family, nourished by home, relationality and care. (On a practical level, the text is pointed here from


In the first semester of 2021, I will be teaching two undergraduate courses, Medical Anthropology (2nd year) which is about Breath and breathing in the context of the pandemic, and Theory, Ethnography and Representation (3rd year). I'm currently experimenting with podcast teaching, and each week will share the podcasts I make for my teaching.


Medica Anthropology Podcast 1: Take a Deep Breath